In-depth insights for Selecting and Developing elite teams

Humans are more important than hardware. Select the best, invest in their development, and identify those with leadership potential.

Build units that can overcome any obstacle

Selecting and Developing members for your elite organization is about more than just physical performance. We understand that you are also looking for harder-to-measure attributes.

You need members who are exceptional team players. Elite units need to be able to solve complex situations under pressure, finding the best way to carry out their mission while keeping their team safe.

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Assessing those hard to measure attributes

Our experts help design your curricula to assess attributes such as:

Functional intelligence

How members respond to problems under pressure, whether they are quick at thinking on their feet in new situations.

Attitude and resilience

Assess how members respond to challenges, if they keep a cool head and support their team.

Physical Performance

How members measure up to your exacting standards across the range of tasks that you throw at them.

Teamwork and cooperation

Anonymous peer reviews pick up details that Selectors can otherwise miss, such as how they treat other members.

Best practices, hands-on experts, and tailorable software

With SOFware, you get a dedicated team member to help you apply FORGE to your Selection and Development process. Our team is made up of former operators, many of whom worked in selection and development at the most elite levels.

They will guide you through every stage including:


Observing your existing process and learning what makes it unique.

Curricula Design

Specifying your selection criteria, then choosing the optimum mixture of tests and approaches for scoring your members.


Guiding you how to mark members for each area, including how to avoid any unwanted biases in your own opinions.


Gathering all of the data into a concise overview, helping Selectors see all the facts so they can make the best possible choices.


We will work with you to refine the process for your next round of selections, to ensure you receive increasingly meaningful insights

Analyze the whole journey

We understand that assessments don’t stop at the selection stage. We help clients for the whole journey from initial selection, through continued development and ongoing mentorship.

With big picture data you can discover new insights into your team, such as how they have taken feedback to tackle any weaknesses.

How we can help

SOFware is an organization that helps provide tailored software and services that perform at the highest levels of client demand. We built FORGE to manage the critical process of assessing, selecting and developing members of elite organizations like yours.

Branches of the US military use SOFware built applications.
Members have gone through Assessment & Selection utilizing FORGE.
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